My Blog is now Fediverse ready! What about you?

Webserver Jan 2, 2024

In this article I show you, how I integrate the Fediverse for my blog. Let's start to describe the Fediverse

The complete code will be available on my GitHub page https://github.com/SBajonczak/ghostblog_activitypub

What is the Fediverse?

First of all the Fediverse is a decentralized and interconnected network of social media platforms, forming a diverse and open ecosystem where users can interact across different instances. Unlike traditional centralized platforms, the Fediverse comprises independently operated servers, each hosting its unique community. Users on one instance can seamlessly communicate with those on another, fostering a more inclusive and user-controlled online experience.

The heart of this decentralized harmony is ActivityPub, a protocol that enables communication and interaction between various platforms within the fediverse. Introduced as a W3C standard. The ActivityPub defines a common language for sharing content, allowing users to connect and share seamlessly across different social media services. By embracing ActivityPub, the Fediverse empowers individuals to reclaim control over their digital presence, promoting a more democratic and interoperable online environment. It's a revolutionary shift from siloed social networks to a connected, user-centric, and decentralized future.

What will be needed?

So first of all I must implement in our well-known webfinger path (described in this blog post) that I have another profile page.

From then on, I am on my own with the "profile" - information. For my luck the structure for distributing the information about outbox, inbox, and so on are standardized.

So in my case, I get the finger request to my homepage bajonczak.com with this URL


Now after I made the change, the response looks like this