Hacking Ikeas VINDRIKTNING to integrate it into my smarthome

IOT Jan 18, 2024

Today I bought a sensor from Ikea called Vondriktning. This polution sensor indicates the amount of fine dust in the air with a red, yellow and green color.

My first though is, how is it possible to get this data into my Smarthome so that I can track the data and store them.

The inner components of the sensor

After I opened the device I figured out that there is only a small pc and a sensor. It seems that it is a PM1006k device. The PC looks like this

Windrichtung Sensor

Fancy, there are plates that I can use to attach an external device to get the data out of it. Because there are several output ports. After a little bit of measuring I figured out that the REST Post will be the TX output of the serial interface.

Attaching the ESP Device

Now it's time to get the data out from this device. In this case, I will attach a wemos d1 mini to this. First of all, I solder all the pads to my device. Important are the pad V+, GND, and REST. The other pads are not important for fetching the data from the device. So it looks like this in the below picture. Just for your information, I used all Pads at first, but you need only the Red, Black, and Yellow wire.

The complete Wiring are listed in this table.

Color Device Wemos
Red V5 V5
Yello REST D2

So now you have the ESP Attached to the Sensor device. It ends up like this.