AI-Powered Solution for Noisy Neighbors

AI Mar 22, 2024

My problem was in the past, that we had some neighbors in the summer that would listen to some loud music. Especially at night. So music at night and me that I must work on the next day are together very poisoned.

Calling the police won't help a lot, because they start an hour after they visit the music again. So I decided to analyze the problem. After a while, I figured out that they use a Bluetooth speaker so that's a cool starting point

Let's assume what we have:

  1. A handful of music recordings
  2. A developer with the power of KI and solder experience
  3. A collection of devices and utilities
  4. A goal

My Goal

Before we get into deep technical details I will set my target goal.

I want to keep automation that will send an interference signal to the Bluetooth device of the target. So it must listen to the sounds nearby and must identify the music style and start to disturb the Bluetooth connection.

My Bucketlist

Actually, there is an ESP representation in the processing, but to keep it very simple I use a Raspberry PI.

Yep... Why?