The Hive Monitoring project (Part 2)
The Hive Monitoring project (Part 2)
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# The Hive Monitoring project (Part 2)

Hey! In my last post I tried to describe my hardware setup. This contains the sensors that I used, which device and how it is wired together. Now it will be interesting, because we get it to run so that I get sensor data from it.

# Software I Use.

This message system works with a MQTT Broker based on mosquitto (opens new window).

# Power Management?

hostname     = 'mosquitto'
port         = 1886
clientid     = 'mqttwarn'

hostname =  'iobroker'
port =  1886
qos =  0
retain =  False
targets = {
  'hive-teststand'    : [ 'hiveeyes/666/garten/beute-2/data/__json__' ]

topic = homie/hive-teststand-2/data/__json__
targets = mqtt:hive-teststand

Running now the docker container


docker run -it --link iobroker:IOBROKER --link mosquitto:MOSQUITTO --network=docker_homeautomation -e MQTTWARNLOG=/opt/mqttwarn/conf/mqttwarn.log -e MQTTWARNINI=/opt/mqttwarn/conf/mqttwarn.ini  -v /docker/mqttwarn/conf:/opt/mqttwarn/conf beejay/mqttwarn:latest /bin/bash


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